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Gankoyama is a small tree house village located on a mountainside in the heart of southern Boso, Chiba. It was established in 1998 as the first tree house village in Japan and is the ideal eco-village for people who want to learn about survival skills in the Japanese forest and sustainable lifestyles. It is about two hours away from Tokyo so it is a popular place for outdoor enthusiasts to go on weekends and holidays. We offer unique, eco-friendly tours that give you the chance to experience life in the Japanese forest. Visitors enjoy themselves when they come here because they not only learn how to co-exist with nature but also have fun in the process. You can visit Gankoyama just for the day or stay for one or two nights. Customized tours are also available for groups and schools.

Off the grid, off the ground (By Out door Japan)
Gankoyama was established in 1998 by Yoshinori Hiraga.  “Back when we were kids,” says Hiraga (or “Master” as he prefers to be called), “we used to build and play in ‘secret bases’ out in the mountains. I initially started Gankoyama to bring back all the fun I used to have as a child.”  So Gankoyama was born in the lush mountains of Chiba’s Boso Peninsula, another “secret base” for the Master to reign over.
What began as a private playground soon evolved into an ecological experiment in sustainability, as Master and his helpers tinkered with renewable energy sources to see just how self-sufficient they could make Gankoyama. The result is a village completely off the grid. There’s no plumbing, no wiring or gas – everything is powered by a combination of solar and wind, and water is collected naturally or bought at the store. Wood is chopped by hand, and food is cooked by campfire. It’s no-nonsense, down-to-earth stuff at Gankoyama. It is surrounded by the deep, silent forest, and the natural energy is palpable; energy the folks at Gankoyama utilize with aplomb.Today Gankoyama consists of a spacious main tree house which serves as a welcome center and recreation hall, with 11 guest tree houses and more on the way. The wood is sourced through local carpenters and the tree houses are put together by the Master, a handy carpenter himself.  “No nails are used for these tree houses,” he tells me. “They are all built with traditional Japanese carpentry techniques. Read more


Gankoyama offers Sustainable Culture Workshops that allow you to learn techniques to experience a healthier lifestyle which is sustainable. There are two main courses available at Gankoyama.


Gankoyama Master : Course for Japanese forestry survival skills. 8500yen

The Gankoyama Master course allows you to learn forestry survival skills while you take part in various outdoor activities.(2 day program) 

Tree House Master : Course for traditional Japanese carpentry. 20500yen
The Tree House Master  course gives you the hands-on experience of actually building a tree house with an experienced instructor. (2 day program)

Visitors stay in a Tree House at night and enjoy our organic vegetarian meals which use mushrooms and other seasonal edible wild plants during all workshops.


 The Characteristic mountain trekking near Gankoyama -We're planning to offer a trekking tour of the Characteristic mountain near Gankoyama for other country visitor. Those mountains are the object of faith and are ancient bride track. And the ecosystem is very abundant. Tree figure also is fine art. staying  3days2night or more staying


And special unique

Julin Yoga 2day  course (Forest Yoga at mountainside)2016


price 8500Yen/person 


 Pick up and drop off if required

 3 meals (dinner, breakfast and lunch)

Accommodation in a tree house

Cooking pizza in a wood fire oven


Yoga assimilated with "Tree and Nature" yoga on the platform supported by trees.

And at terrace paddy field ,on the high deck platform ,at other place , at various view point.

Feel the energy of the sun, trees, and the earth. You can learn the philosophy of trees.

You can know excellent strategy of tree's life. It is the interesting world for you.

You can learn about sustainable culture in Japan. Open your soul and brain oppressed by city life.


Pick up and drop off if required  


payment cash only


See more  Gankoyama main page


  phone  090-3401-4322     Norio

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Location and how to access Gankoyama

Gankoyama is located in the south of Chiba prefecture, Japan. Southern Chiba is generally warm throughout the year and there are a lot of places where you can do marine sports such as surfing and sea kayaking around Gankoyama. Mt. Nokogiri Yama is another place around Gankoyama (near the Kanaya Ferry Port) which has breathtaking scenery.

You can get to Gankoyama by using either public transport or a car. If you use public transport, we can only pick you up at the Highway Oasis Furai bus stop or the JR Iwai train station. (see below)


Please conform how you can get transport and Arrival time and contact us a few day before that day.  Pick up time (see below)
Please conform how you can get transport and Arrival time and contact us a few day before that day.  Pick up time (see below)
  1 JR train (From Tokyo  ) If you have a JR pass-Pick up place JR Uchibo line  Iwai station 
We recommend JR rapid train departing at 8:02or8:54 bound for Kimitu at Yokosuka- Sobu Line underground platform inside Tokyo station,
Then change for the Uchibo line local train bound for Tateyama at Kimitu station.
Pick up place JR Uchibo line  Iwai station
 ※ Departing time  at 8:02from Tokyo station bound for Kimitu  ( at Yokosuka- Sobu Line underground platform )
     change for local train bound for Tateyam at Kimitu station -Arrival time at 10:18 at Iwai station
     Departing time  at 8:54from Tokyo station bound for Kimitu  ( at Yokosuka- Sobu Line underground platform )
     change for local train bound for Tateyam at Kimitu station -Arrival time at 11:18 at Iwai station
     Pick up place JR Uchibo line  Iwai station
2 Highway bus nanohana-gou   Shinjuku/ Tokyo - bound for Tateyama , Shirahama  

 If you have not a JR pass-

※ Highway bus nanohana-gou   Sinjuku/ Tokyo - bound for Tateyama , Shirahama  
     If it is easy to avail for you , The bus is  faster and many time than train.
 Pick up place  Highway oasis Furari Bus stop   Pickking up time 10:43( Tokyo 9:20 departure)    All bus is reservation seat    Time table            
- Pick Up place -

 at the train station (JR Iwai)

 at the bus stop (Highway Oasis Furari)








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